5 Years Warranty

Warranty Paint System


Surface preparation cleaning and degreasing before application with Degreaser / Wiping Solvent

Baremetal Epoxy Primer / Activator2K Thinner
OEM FinishesVOC Stone Chip Primer / Activator
2K HS Primer / Activator
2K Thinner
Clear Overbase SystemBasecoat
VOC 2K 2-1 Clear / Activator
HS 2K 2-1 Clear / Activator
2K Thinner
Single Stage System2K Polyurethane / Activator2K Thinner


Surface preparation cleaning and degreasing before application with Degreaser / Wiping Solvent

BaremetalEpoxy Primer / Activator2K Thinner
OEM FinishesFast 2K Primer / Activator2K Thinner
Clear Overbase SystemBasecoat
FC HS 2K 2-1 Clear / Activator
2K Thinner
Single Stage System2K Polyurethane / Activator2K Thinner


  1. Subject to the terms and conditions of this paint system warranty, the Bodyshop agrees to warrant against the Covered Defects set forth below. MyCarPaint.net paint system warranty becomes effective on the date the work was completed and for 5 years only.
  2. If the defect is determined to be Covered Defect, the defect will be repaired without charge to the warranty holder by the Bodyshop.
  3. The warranty holder must follow the claim procedures set forth below in order to be covered by this warranty for any or all defect claims.


MyCarPaint.net Paint System Warranty shall:

  1. Apply only to the surfaces directly repaired with MyCarPaint.net Paint Systems.
  2. Not applicable to any Covered Defect which is directly the result of any negligence by the customer.
  3. Only be available to the individual who was the owner of the vehicle at the time the original work was performed and whose name appears on the warranty Repair Record. The Warranty is non transferable.


Covered Defects shall include only the following list of defects:

  1. Color change of fading
  2. Severe loss of gloss

Defects resulting from the following conditions are excluded from the Warranty:

  1. Previously repainted or repaired OEM finishes (prior to issue of the Warranty Repair Record) unless vehicle was stripped to bare metal.
  2. System failure due to pre-existing rust or rust originating from within the auto body. This includes blemishes or blistering caused by the rust.
  3. Scratches, abrasions or stone chips caused by normal vehicle use.
  4. Damages caused by accidents.
  5. Damage to the paint caused by improper abrasive deterrents or waxes, acid rain or industrial emissions or fallout, or heavy-duty pressure washing.
  6. Damages on vehicle used for commercial or competitive purposes.
  7. Failures resulting from product misuse or abuse.
  8. Failures of system containing non-MyCarPaint.net or non-MyCarPaint.net approved products.
  9. Failures of finishes/system which have been applied above or below recommended film builds.


MyCarPaint.net Warranty shall mean the document which is filled and kept as record by the Bodyshop at the time of the original repair. The Warranty includes the name and location of the Bodyshop; the date of repair; the paint system used by MyCarPaint.net Refinisher; customer name; vehicle identification number; vehicle model and the repair order number.


In the event of a claim:

  1. The warranty holder must submit the Warranty Card, and the vehicle for inspection at the Bodyshop where the vehicle was originally repaired.
  2. An inspection will be provided free of charge by the Bodyshop, MyCarPaint.net Jobber, and a MyCarPaint.net Representative. After inspection and a verification of a Covered Defect, the defect will be repaired by the Bodyshop free of charge to the warranty holder.
  3. MyCarPaint.net and the Bodyshop shall not be liable or responsible for any lost/consequential lost arising from the paint defects.

F. REIMBURSEMENT (For Bodyshop Only)

MyCarPaint.net shall reimburse the Bodyshop for any refinish product material lost which is specified in this warranty program.
The Bodyshop shall be responsible for the workmanship incurred.


Recommended steps to protect the appearance and durability of your paint finish.

For the first 30 days after painting:

  • Hand wash the vehicle often, using fresh water only.
  • Avoid parking under trees-sap and bird droppings may damage the finish (Rinse them off as soon as possible).

For the first 120 days after painting:

  • To remove heavy soil, use mild liquid soap – no detergent.
  • Do not wax your car within 120 days after painting.

For long-term paint protection:

  • Park in sheltered area whenever possible.
  • Never let gasoline or anti-freeze stand on painted surfaces (rinse off with water as soon as possible).
  • Never wash your vehicle in hot sun.
  • Never wipe the finish with dry cloth. Always use water.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners, chemicals or brushes (automatic car wash brushes can scratch the finish).
  • Have any paint nicks touched up as soon as possible to protect against rust.