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Toyota Vellfire AH20 (2008-2015)

Since the second generation Alphard, the model is split into Alphard and Vellfire model names separately. The Alphard has a luxury orientation while the Vellfire has a sporty orientation. The Vellfire name was derived from “velvet” and “fire” to emphasize the vehicle’s “smooth” and “passionate” characteristics. Both model names bear similar front and rear fascia, but the grille design, headlamps and taillamps are different. / source from Wikipedia



A Front Bumper   |   B Hood   |   C Roof   |   D Rear Bonnet   |   E Rear Bumper   |   F Passenger Side Fender   |   G Driver Side Fender   |   H Front Passenger Side Door   |   I Front Driver Side Door   |   J Rear Passenger Side Door   K Rear Driver Side Door     L Rear Passenger Side Panel  |   M Rear Driver Side Panel

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